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    Where it all began....

    Bear KompleX (with a "K") was developed by a couple of very average athletes with slightly above average aspirations, and way above average palm rips from the Speal bar.

    We have worked to create a more comfortable grip unlike any other to enhance the experience for all fitness freaks. If you have ever had your palms rip, you are aware of how painful it can be and how frustrating it is to wait for them to heal.  And, if you have ever used grips, you are aware of how the buckle digs into your wrist and how they are overall pretty uncomfortable and not very durable.

    We have fixed all of that with our PATENT PENDING 2 hole and 3 hole genuine leather BEAR KompleX grips.  Our innovative styling protects your wrist from that pesky buckle, we use the best leather for quality and comfort, and we incorporate several colors and styles to enhance your performance.  You will also notice the words "GET BETTER" on all of our products. Because as the motto for our small business, it is also the reason why you lace em up every day and get back in the box for cruel and unusual WOD exposure.

    Since creating the BEST GRIPS ON THE PLANET, we have since evolved the company into providing other essentials for the fitness community.  When checking out our website you will see the fun and exciting colors of our knee sleeves, the quality of our new weight belt, and our extremely resourceful BAD ASS gym bag.  At Bear KompleX, we strive to make the best products for our athletes and we cannot thank you enough for your business and support.


    Jake & Nate

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